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2024/25 Tuition

  • K-8 tuition total cost per student $6166

  • Add $125 registration fee per family

Tuition Payment Options

  1. Full payment made directly to the school office by June 7, 2024 will receive a $40 discount.

  2. Full payment made to the school office after June 7th but before the first day of school will be accepted at the full rate.

  3. Monthly payments made through FACTS Management Company from your checking account, savings account, or credit card (cards will be charged a monthly fee) begin in July and end in May (for Preschool) or June (for K-8).

  4. Contact the school office for information concerning ways to reduce your tuition.

Required Parent Volunteer Hours for K-8 Families:

  1. The cost to educate students at St. Vincent de Paul School is significantly higher than the tuition rates.

  2. Parent volunteers help defray that cost by donating their valuable time and talents. In addition, volunteering helps parents connect with other families and school personnel and become fully a part of the school community.

  3. K-8 Parents who are unable to volunteer at least 25 hours should choose the financial option of increasing tuition by $800 ($66.67 per month).

  4. Parents whose children are in Preschool and not yet in K-8 are welcome to volunteer but are not required to do so.

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