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St. Vincent de Paul Catholic Church is an integral part of the St. Vincent de Paul School identity. The church is where students participate in weekly school mass and act as altar servers and sacristans. It is a pillar of each student's faith development as many of them receive sacraments such as First Communion, Reconciliation, and Confirmation. Not only is the church important to the school but so is it’s clergy. Each week Deacon Birie and Father Olvera visit to teach religion class and answer questions the students have about our faith.

Office of Catholic Schools:

The Diocese of Columbus

As a Catholic school, we are a part of the Diocese of Columbus Catholic school system. A school system that is committed to creating and maintaining an academic climate which provides students the best opportunity to become productive, contributing citizens of their world. Equally important, the schools are sensitive to the uniqueness of each student and foster the value of the individual. For more information, visit the Office of Catholic Schools website by clicking the button below.

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St. Vincent de Paul, Priest, c. 1580-1660

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