We are serious about education, but our students like to have fun, too!  They are involved in all kinds of after-school activities, including team sports, scouting troops, Debate Club, Newspaper, Lego League and various school clubs.  Most of these activities apply only to certain grades and age groups, so please inquire to see who is eligible for each activity.  Extracurriculars include:








Each year some of the eighth graders create a yearbook of all our memories from the year. Inside the yearbook there are pictures of every class from preschool to eighth grade. Also, there are pictures of sports teams. Pictures of the fun field trips from every class are included, as well as photos from our all-school Christmas play. A sponsors page appears near the back, and there is plenty of room for friends to sign!

Battle of the Books


Battle of the Books is a competition among the Diocesan Middle Schools. The goal of this competition is to be able to recognize a book from a brief description of it. The teams have to answer with the title and the author of the book. There are 125 books on the battle list, and at least two people from the team should read each one. The team members meet twice a week to work on learning the books and their authors. During the competition, two teams are on stage at a time, and the moderator asks each team questions about the books. Teams can confer on their answers. After five questions, the teams rotate so that every team gets to play. It’s a fun chance for kids who like to read to be on the team and represent the school.

Power of the Pen


Power of the Pen challenges students to find a unique voice that is all there own while developing creativity and writing ability.  Students have the opportunity to compete in interscholastic tournaments and advance to the state level.