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Standardized Testing

Every year St. Vincent de Paul students are assessed via the Terra Nova standardized exam and every year St. Vincent de Paul students excel.  St. Vincent de Paul students routinely score in the 95th percentile in various content areas, reinforcing our conviction that the school is preparing our students for high school, college and career readiness.

In late October, students in grades 2-8 participate in the standardized assessment. The Terra Nova is a standardized test produced by McGraw Hill Education and adopted by the Diocese of Columbus that the students take across the Columbus Diocese, instead of the Ohio Achievement Test. We ask that parents do a few things to help their children do their best:

  • Do not plan any appointments or vacations that would cause your child to miss a portion of the test.

  • Make sure that your child is in bed at a time to ensure that he/she has sufficient sleep in order to function well.

  • Provide a good breakfast before coming to school.


After the tests have been scored, parents receive a report showing their child’s achievement compared to other children across the country that are in the same grade and tested during the same time of the year.  It is important for the children to know that they are not expected to know everything on the test.  Although the information given to parents on the Terra Nova report is meant to be helpful, it is only a snapshot.  The day-to-day assessments that the children teachers conduct are a more complete picture of how well the children are mastering the curricula at our school.  Both kinds of assessment, when used together, serve as useful tools when looking at a student’s academic progression.

If you have any questions or would like to discuss the testing procedures, please feel free to contact Cecelia Pitt, Principal at or 740-393-3611.

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