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Scholastic Book Fair 2023

The Scholastic Book Fair will be held next week, October 30th-November 2nd. The book fair will be open Monday - Wednesday during the day for students to shop. We will also open it up from 3-6pm on Wednesday and Thursday evenings during Parent Teacher Conferences.

Cash, credit cards, and eWallet will be accepted for payment. Instructions to sign up for the eWallet are below.

1.) Go to 2.) Scroll down to “Before the Fair” “eWallet” 3.) click “get started” 4.) register a new account or sign in 5.) enter information for student 6.) click create wallet 7.) add funds to wallet *Please note* Any funds left in eWallet can only be used at the book fair or on the scholastic website. It will not be refunded to you. This is a Scholastic policy, not a St. Vincent policy. Cash and credit cards are also accepted at the book fair. Please keep in mind, items will be taxed.

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