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Partners in Faith: March 2022 Edition

Enjoy the Challenge of Lent

“Enjoy” isn’t normally a word we

associate with Lent, but its rich

traditions help us connect with

God’s saving love and prepare

us for the joy of Easter. Helping children to experience God’s love during Lent can be penitential and enjoyable when it

involves activities bringing families together around penance, almsgiving, and prayer.

Ashes: The ashes we wear show repentance for our sins and help children understand we are all sinners dependent upon God’s grace. Challenge children to keep their ashes on all day as an external witness to their hope that Christ’s sacrifice will lead us to Heaven. Almsgiving box: Set up a box and take turns putting an item from the

pantry into it each day. At the end of Lent, take the box to a needy family,

a soup kitchen, or your local food pantry. Add prayer: Pray the sorrowful mysteries of the rosary. If this feels overwhelming with young ones, try just one decade a day. Or, consider praying the Divine Mercy Chaplet together. This is shorter than a Rosary and

helps youngsters focus on God’s mercy and forgiveness. Meatless Fridays:Catholics are to avoid eating meat on Fridays - an ancient tradition going back to the early Church. Plan meatless Friday family meals and invite friends to join you to reinforce the practice of penance.

You can read more of the March Partners in Faith Newsletter here:

PIFMarch22B - Partners in Faith March 2022
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