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Alumni Spotlight: Steve Phillips

St. Vincent graduation year:

Class of 1991

What are some of your favorite St. Vincent memories?

Seeing my mom, Marsha Phillips, every Mon/Wed/Fri on the “hot lunch” days. She ran the lunch program at St. Vincent my entire 9 years there (K-8). Also, in 7th grade I got caught holding hands with my girlfriend on the way to a Volleyball game. Miss Raines (my volley ball coach and history teacher) bought both of us rubber skeletons hands so that we wouldn’t hold hands with each other anymore…LOL.

Lastly, although a little mischievous, I once was dared to throw a football through the principal's open window at recess. The window was only open a little bit so I never thought I would make it. Boom, right through and straight to in-school suspension for a week!

Who was your favorite teacher and why?

That is a tough question. But I would have to say Mrs. Dilley, my 8th grade teacher. My dad always dropped me off early for school so he could get to work. I would get there before any other students. Mrs. Dilley and I would always hang out and just talk while she drank her coffee and got ready for the day.

How did St. Vincent de Paul School prepare you for life?

St. Vincent prepared me for life by the friendships made, the Catholic Faith journey it put me on and the education I received.

Current residence and occupation:

Carroll, Ohio & HR Manager

College you attended and degree(s):

University of Dayton. BA in Business Administration

Thank you, Steve, for participating in our Alumni Spotlight!

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