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Alumni Spotlight: Maria Bremerkamp

St. Vincent graduation year:

Class of 2005

What are some of your favorite STV memories?

I LOVED Kindergarten when I went to St. Vincent de Paul. The memories were definitely sweet because I still vividly remember them 25 years later. Mrs. Downs had a “gumball machine” reward chart that I loved where we could earn fun things as a class when it got full. I also loved the Letter People. Where we met a new “letter person” each week and did fun things with them. We also did a gingerbread man scavenger hunt, where we searched for our gingerbread men who ran away all over the school and rectory. When we finally found them we got to eat them!

Also, the year we hatched chicks was really special because I loved being the one who got to bring them home! I also loved being a part of the school plays that Mr. Vining helped direct.

Especially Cinderella, where I got to be the Queen :) Who was your favorite teacher and why? My favorite teacher was Mrs. Downs. Like I said, I LOVED kindergarten! She was a great teacher, who made learning super fun! Hence all of my earlier kindergarten memories.

How did St. Vincent de Paul School prepare you for life?

St. Vincent planted a seed in my faith journey, and helped me value my Catholic roots. When I was questioned about my Catholic faith in college, I knew that it was something to hold on to. This eventually lead me to asking questions and taking ownership of my relationship with God within the Church. Now years later, after high school, college, being a missionary and living in another state, St. Vincent de Paul is my primary source for community and fellowship once again. Because of my formation at St. Vincent de Paul, I understand the importance of having people who have similar morals and values living alongside you, helping each other to do Gods will and become saints!

Current residence and occupation:

I currently live in Mt Vernon with my husband, Adam. I stay at home

with my three littles, Jacob (5), Maddie (3), and Kolbe (20 months)

College you attended and degree(s):

I attended Otterbein University and graduated with my Bachelors in Early Childhood Education with a Reading Endorsement

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