Preschool Program Tuition


2 days per week (2.5 hours/ day)
$80.33/ month ($964/year)


3 days per week (2.5 hours/ day)
$105.33/ month ($1,264/year)


5 days per week (2.5 hours/ day)
$168.33/ month ($2,020/ year)

Pre-K Program Tuition


Monday-Friday for 3 hours/day
$182.33/month ($2,188/year)



Kindergarten-8th Grade Tuition


$276.16/ month for Catholic families ($3,314/year)


$391.66/ month for families of other faiths ($4,700/year)


Please contact the school office for information concerning financial aid, scholarships, sibling discounts, and other ways to reduce your tuition. 740-393-3611 or