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Play Like a Champion: Required Class for Parents

Parents, if your child plans to play sports for St. Vincent, the diocese requires us to attend a Play It Like a Champion class. Sports are offered for 4th-8th graders. You are allowed to attend the class now even if your child isn't eligible to participate for another year or two. Currently, the class is being offered via Zoom. You might want to use this opportunity to take the class while it is still offered online and save yourself a trip to Columbus!

The next class is via zoom on September 9, 2021 @ 7pm $10 Fee

You only have to take this class once! Sign up here:

Sports As Ministry Educational Program

Play Like a Champion Today provides leadership in a worldwide effort to renew the culture of sport for youth. It does this primarily by educating ethically responsible sport leaders - coaches, parents, and athletes - who in turn will reach millions of young people.

Crafted by leaders in the fields of sports psychology, coaching education, Catholic theology, and moral development, Play Like a Champion Today is:

  • Centered around the principles of justice, tolerance, respect, and solidarity

  • Designed using the best athlete-centered practices supported by research into character development and faith formation through sports

  • Presented with the support, tradition, and resources of academic and athletic excellence that mark the University of Notre Dame

Play Like a Champion Today deals with tough sport issues & supports schools in promoting:

  • Athletics as Character-Building to Athletes and Families

  • Building Teams as Moral Communities

  • Champion-Centered Best Coaching and Sport Parenting Practices

  • Sportsmanship

  • Responsible Decision Making

Over the course of the clinic, participants will learn about:

  • The Spirituality of Sport

  • The GROW Approach to Athlete Motivation

  • Child Development

  • Promoting a Safe Sport Environment

  • Strategies for Developing Partnerships Between Coaches and Parents.

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