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Partners in Faith: January 2023

Building a Christ-centered home: A Christ-centered home is one in which, “Christ is the Head of this house, the unseen guest at every meal, the silent listener to every conversation.” His presence is always felt. Knowing Jesus and following Him are key to

living joyful, fulfilling lives in this world and being happy with Him in the next. As a family, make your top New Year’s resolution to center your home on Christ. Joy –

Different than happiness, joy comes from understanding that our welfare lies in Jesus’ hands alone. Teach children to give all their concerns to Him. No circumstance can

rob us of our joy if we truly believe we belong to Christ. Grace –Our homes must be safe

places filled with love. Family members need to know that love, not perfection, is the point of the family and that mistakes aren’t fatal. Children will encounter hostility,

judgment, antagonism, and criticism out in the world. A Christian home should be a place of comfort, rest, and healing. Service –Jesus will give us everything we need. Sometimes, he uses other people to deliver His gifts. Christ-centered families place all

that they have at His disposal and pitch in with an attitude of service and selflessness.

Worship –Homes centered on Christ make Scripture, prayer, and God’s will top priority. Nothing comes before Mass and Sacraments.

For the entire January edition, click the link.

Jan 2023 Partners in Faith Newsletter
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