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Lightning Strike Update: October 15

Thank you for another great week of ticket sales!

If you have sold tickets, please return money with ticket stubs to the school office as soon as possible so we can tally up your tickets!


  • Each ticket is worth 1/2 hour of volunteer time

  • Return all 8 sold tickets to the office by October 29 to be entered into a drawing for $200 CASH (Only 23 families currently eligible!)

  • Family with most ticket sales will receive $500 CASH

  • If you are struggling to sell your 8 tickets, we understand. Please return them as soon as possible to the school office so that we can give them to other families or sell them after masses.

  • Drawing for raffle will be held on December 3rd during the St. Nick Festival.

Thank you for supporting St. Vincent de Paul School!

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