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Lightning Strike Raffle Fundraiser

STV Families & Friends!

Tickets will be sent home with K-8 students today. We are asking that each family sell a minimum of EIGHT (8) tickets $20 a piece. Additional tickets are available on a first come first serve basis. Preschool families are welcome to participate. Please contact the school office for tickets!

If all 8 of your sold ticket stubs are returned to the office by October 29, you will be entered into a drawing for a chance at $200 CASH.

The family with the most ticket sales between October 1 - November 29 will receive $500 CASH. Please be sure to write your family name clearly & consistently on each ticket in the SOLD BY section.

If you do not plan to sell tickets, please return them as soon as possible to the office so that other families can have the chance to sell them. All tickets, sold or unsold, must be returned by November 29.

The proceeds from the Lightning Strike Raffle go directly back into the school where it's needed most - student activities & supplies, building maintenance, tuition assistance to name a few! We are so excited to kick off this fundraiser with the best families! Thank you for making our school extraordinary!

Curtis & Brooke Adams

Raffle Coordinators

Call/text 740-501-0338

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