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Catholic Conversion Story: Amanda Mayville

When I was a child, God spoke to me through music, though I didn’t know it at the time.

I was raised in a loving home, but without faith. I remember as a teenager wondering why there were all of these rules, what was the point? Much later I came to understand that the 10 commandments don’t make sense without the first three. Loving and honoring God gives the rest of the ten context and meaning.

My best friend was Catholic and when I spent the weekend at her house, we went to mass. I recognized the beauty of the church and the music, but I wondered how everyone else knew what was going on when I felt so lost? What was missing in me?

I married my cradle Catholic husband whose love brought me closer to God, though I wasn’t always aware of it. When I became pregnant with our first child, all of a sudden I felt an urgency (Holy Spirit) to find out more, I knew this motherhood thing required a strength beyond myself. I joined the RCIA at the Catholic church that my husband and I were attending in Michigan. I asked so many questions and really connected with the group as we all inquired about the Catholic faith. Seven months pregnant I was baptized, had my first Communion, and was Confirmed in the Catholic faith.

That beautiful Easter Vigil 1999 was an amazing step in my journey. I now have been married 25 years, have 4 kids, all of whom graduated from St. Vincent de Paul School, and I cantor at mass, singing in the language God used to reach me as a child. As I have continued my walk with the Lord, I am always growing in my love for Jesus Christ, the sacraments of the church, and in gratitude for His grace. There is so much in our Catholic faith to love and learn. It really is a life-long journey.

After enjoying working in St. Vincent de Paul School for 8 years, I now have the privilege of being the church secretary. I get to let everyone know about all the wonderful programs of prayer, study and service we offer here at SVDP. For those who are like I was, not sure what is missing, or what the point is, RCIA is a wonderful place to find out. We are also excited to be offering a program on Saturday evenings in October called The Search. This could be a step on your journey towards our Lord.

Got questions? Email Amanda

We would like to thank Mrs. Mayville for sharing her story with us!

We appreciate all you have done and do for our school & church!

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