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Alumni Spotlight: Matthew Brenneman

St. Vincent graduation year:

Class of 2013

What are some of your favorite St. Vincent memories?

Some of my favorite St Vincent memories include winning the Diocesan Volleyball Championship in 8th grade. Participating in the Future City Competition with Mr T, where we got to develop our own idea and model for an innovative future city. The spring trips in middle school. Gingerbread-man hunt

with Mrs. Downs.

Who was your favorite teacher and why?

Ms. Delozier was my favorite teacher because I was lucky enough to have her for 1st grade and art class in middle school. It is too hard to pick just one teacher because I had so many great teachers at St Vincent.

How did St. Vincent de Paul School prepare you for life?

St. Vincent gave me the educational base to help me succeed in high school and college, but also taught me how to be a good person through Catholic values.

Current residence and occupation:

I currently live in Columbus and work for Park National Bank in their downtown Columbus office as a Commercial Credit Analyst

College you attended and degree(s):

The University of Dayton in May of 2021

Double majored in Finance & Management Information Systems

Thank you, Matthew, for participating in our Alumni Spotlight!

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