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Alumni Spotlight: Kara Green (Graham)

St. Vincent graduation year:

Class of 1977

What are some of your favorite St. Vincent memories?

Field trips and the dedicated and caring teachers. I just loved being part of the very close group of classmates and teachers. I have many wonderful memories from St. Vincent during my elementary years. My children also attended St. Vincent and I have many wonderful memories from their time there as well.

Who was your favorite teacher and why? They were all great but Mr. A (Larry Andrzejewski) was probably the one I remember most because he was young, kind, and the only male teacher. He also taught science and that was the path I chose for my career.

How did St. Vincent de Paul School prepare you for life?

St. Vincent prepared me to be a productive citizen that was emphasized with a moral development from the Catholic faith. We were provided a balanced curriculum that integrated faith, culture, and life. St. Vincent provided an education that was nurtured in Catholic Christian values and I am forever thankful for my time there.

Current residence and occupation:

I currently live in Mt Vernon with my husband, Brad.

I work at Knox Community Hospital as a BSN Registered Nurse, Lead Device Nurse

College you attended and degree(s):

Central Ohio Technical College and a Bachelor of Science in Nursing at

Chamberlain College of Nursing

Thank you, Kara, for participating in our Alumni Spotlight!

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