Fun Field Day!

K-4th Grade had a blast today! From one fun station to the other, in teams, and with lots and lots of fun! Thanks to all parent volunteers and teachers! Here are a few photos !

STV Career KidsFest 2017

Teams from Medical Services, Aerospace and Engineering, Emergency Services, The Arts, Small Businesses and Agriculture engaged many families and kids at the school today. This First Career Educational Festival is one of the many ways that St. Vincent invests in families, children the community, and enlighten them with career choices and study. We are always proud to see so many …

The Sound of Music Show

Last week, our students produced a beautiful stage act of The Sound of Music. Thank you all so much for coming to see the show and to the students… well, let’s just say YOU ARE AWESOME! Enjoy the photos below.

A night of joy!

As usual, we celebrated a special night of The Savior’s birth with a Brother Bond theme. We started off with some awesome music from the St Vincent de Paul School Orchestra. That was spectacular. Then the pre-school kids stepped up with some awesome display—everyone was laughing. It was very touching! The main play capped it to a perfect start to Christmas 2015. Thank you all …